Sitecore, Hedgehog TDS, TeamCity and NuGet == true

I’ve been looking some time for a more streamlined development process when building Sitecore modules and share code between Sitecore projects. Separating code into modules is easy, but when you have dependencies on Sitecore items, things becomes a bit more complicated.

The package installation wizard in Sitecore is helpful, and it get’s better with update packages generated by Hedgehog TDS. But I think we can do better. With multiple developers, multiple installations (dev, test, QA, live environments etc), the update process becomes too time consuming and painful.

In addition, I want to be able to create generic modules that can be shared between different Sitecore projects, so I want the code to be built and tested on our build servers and deployed to our local NuGet server.

I’ve done a prototype of this, and I think it worked out quite nice, though there is still a lot of room for improvements.
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