Installing Content Hub CMP connector to Sitecore CM having Publish Service installed

There is a dll version conflict for Polly.dll between Sitecore CMP connector and Sitecore Publish Service 4.1.0. The Publishing Service Module comes with Polly.dll version 5.9.0 and the Sitecore Connect for CMP 1.0.0 comes with Polly 6.0.1. This will cause Sitecore CM to stop working during the CMP install, if the SPS module is already in the system.

Update: As Sitecore 9.3 and SPS 4.2.0 was just released a few hours after writing this post, I noticed this applies to that version as well. SPS module 9.3 also comes with Polly 5.9.0.

The easy fix for this is to add assembly redirects into the web.config file before installing the connector and keep the old file: Update: It turned out I tricked myself. I thought I got everything working, but the CMP connector throws exceptions in the log while importing content from Content Hub.

  <assemblyIdentity name="Polly" /><!-- publicKeyToken="c8a3ffc3f8f825cc" -->
  <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion=""/>

As described in this stackoverflow post, it’s not possible to do assembly redirect between assemblies with different public keys. Polly 5.9 doesn’t have a public key (i.e. it’s null), so at least I couldn’t make binding work to the newer 6.0 version.

As of writing this, I don’t have a solution to this problem. I’m currently awaiting an answer from Sitecore if CMP and SPS can live together or not.

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