A different way of using Sitecore

Developer meeting Gothenburg

Presenting a live demo of the solution

This week I’ve been speaking at the Sitecore developer meeting in Göteborg. My speech was a live demo of a quite different way of using Sitecore.

We at Stendahls have created an event solution where we’ve throwed away PowerPoint and uses a web browser instead for presentation. The audience each have an iPad mini as a second screen and the speakers controls everything from an iPad instead of using a clicker.

Charging iPads

Charging 120 iPads for the event

Everything is driven by Sitecore and SignalR and we had this setup for 120 iPads and about ten presentation screens. It worked extremely well and just imagine what you can do with DMS, ECM, Analytics and personalization when the audience are all logged in as a Sitecore user using a pin code from their badge. 🙂

At the developer meeting we also listened to some nice insights about Sitecore DMS by @SimeonArrr and some code examples in Sitecore 7 by @LarreCMS.

I hope I’ll be doing the same speech at the next Sitecore developer meeting in Malmö.