Dead Urls – Sitecore Module

We tend to spend quite some time on URL management in order to get them nice, SEO friendly in all sorts of ways, but I’ve noticed that most CMS I’ve been in contact with have overseen one of the areas that I think is one of the most important ones. That is proper handling of permanent redirect (301) of URL’s when they change.

The URL structure should of course reflect the site structure, have relevant keywords in it etc. When content authors work with the site, those URL’s may change. The old ones give a “404 Not Found”. Bad from a SEO perspective but it also means current visitors on the site will have downloaded html pages with broken links. My experience is that this escalates when having integrations to other systems that generates items.
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SEO Canonical URL’s in Sitecore

Sometimes you end up with pages on your site that’s accessible from several different URL’s. It might not be a big deal, but from an SEO perspective it’s bad. Each page should have only one URL, otherwise Google and other search engines may treat your pages as duplicate content, resulting in a lower page rank etc etc.

In ASP.NET, URL’s are mostly not case sensitive, but a URL is actually case sensitive (see This means you may accidentally refer to a page using different casing and thereby have duplicate content on your site.
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