Happy Sitecore Experience Award winner

Sitecore Experience Award 2016, Marketing AgilitySitecore have awarded Volvo Construction Equipment, with partner Stendahls, winner of the Sitecore Experience Award 2016, Marketing Agility category. The Marketing Agility award recognizes marketing teams that have made significant, measurable gains in productivity and marketing ROI through the Sitecore platform. This year’s winners outlined clear before and after scenarios for team output and content publishing times as well as any associated organizational or team advantages, as a result of time/resource savings.

I’ve spent most of my working time during 2015 and 2016 on this huge project, where we built the whole marketing platform and rolled out 123 market and dealer websites, representing Volvo’s business in more than 140 countries on 30+ languages. The solution contains about 370k items and is managed by more than 150 editors worldwide, all in the same Sitecore solution.

A lot of my time went into creating a streamlined development process, build and maintain a fast and stable hosting platform and build a very efficient authoring environment. Many of my blog posts during the last year have sprung out of this project.

Volvo CE Press release

2 thoughts on “Happy Sitecore Experience Award winner

  1. Congratulations on the award!!

    Could you comment on the approach architecturally that was taken to deliver 123 websites. Multiple publishing targets or a single instance? Maybe multiple code repositories?


    • Thanks Kyle!
      I hope I’ll be able to put up a blog series describing this, based on my previous Creating successful Sitecor website post. Everything in this post, and a lot more, is implemented in the Volvo CE website. The solution is just one CM and two CD’s for HA and only one code repository. So everything comes down to meticulous planning and code perfectionism in order to make it work flawlessly.

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