Sitecore 7.2 is out!

Sitecore 7.2 is just released and contains a lot of updates. Nice to see that a lot of things has been improved regarding publishing. The publishing dialog has been updated as well, incorporating all the features I’ve previously blogged about.

Support for IE11 and MVC 5.1 is there as well and the search UI is now a bit more intuitive, enabling “+” and “-” prefixes to indicate search logic. But I just don’t get the business value of the new language specific multivariate testing feature. Looking at how it’s implemented, I believe that feature was a bad move. Why didn’t Sitecore focus on unsharing the __Layout field instead?

A lot of small fixes has been made under the hood as well, such as improved caching and you can leave out the links database on the delivery environment. Nice!

Full release notes are here.

One thought on “Sitecore 7.2 is out!

  1. Hi Mikael,

    Thanks for the feedback and your great blogging effort!
    The MV testing feature is supposed to accommodate the scenarios where a particular control is supposed to be tested only on per language basis. This helps marketers of multi-lingual sites, because they don’t have to prepare the data source items in all languages before they can test.

    The team is looking into the unsharing of the __Layout field as a separate project. It is more intrusive than may seem, and the potential upgrade implications could be severe.
    We just need to make sure we handle this product change properly.


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