Sitecore MVP Summit summary

On my way home from the excellent summit of two full days of inspiration with 64 of the 104 best Sitecore developers in the world were gathered at the James Royal Palm hotel at South Beach, Miami.

Starting up day one with the mandatory keynote by Michael Seifert and Lars Nielsen, we were informed that we MVP’s as a group only make up were the top 0.035% of all Sitecore developers. Nice stats!

John West scratched the surface of SPEAK, Star Wars style. Unfortunately we can’t talk much more about that right now.

After lunch, Nate Barad took us through the Insiders Roadmap. Really cool upcoming stuff ensuring Sitecore will extend it’s visionary lead in the industry. Competitors, watch out!

We then had a 45 minute group challenge. Given different tasks and grouped into seven teams, we had to convince the jury that our solution to our problem was the best one. Tough competition with only MVP’s on site. Our team didn’t came out as overall winners, but were announced the Most Creative Team price during the evening dinner on board the Venetia Lady Yacht.

Second day we dived deep into the Links Database with Alex Shyba who challenged the demo goods with a prototype of… something related to the Links Database, for MVP eyes only.

A great open Q&A session with the whole present Sitecore team, brought up a lot of interesting discussions and clarified some more details of where Sitecore is heading with certain parts of the product.

Anthony Hook had another secret session with the newest and coolest upcoming stuff. I shouldn’t even disclose the subject I guess..

We had a really good non-technical session with Thomas Eldblom about the IT/Marketing Gap, Digital Marketing Governance. Most customers should listen this session!

Adam Najmanowicz showed us a really cool Zen Garden Framework were he’s done amazing things with the Page Editor and a way of managing parallel development. This is probably the way to go forward in order to tighten up the project time schedule.

Lars Nielsen wrapped up the summit with the story of Sitecore from the very beginning.

Unfortunately I missed the welcome party on Wednesday, but we had some time to meet and network between us MVP’s as well. As important as anything else on the summit.

A big Thank You to Pieter Brinkman and Marissi Dresnek for arranging all this, and I’m looking forward to .next years summit!

Sitecore MVP Summit website.

Sitecore MVPs at the beach