Electronic Speed Controllers

The four speed controllersI decided to go for a recommended set of speed controllers for my engines. The Hobbywing 18A seems to be quite easy to work with and should suit my Tiger motors quite well with their 17 amp maximum continuous current. To my surprise, the engines were ready fitted with 3.5 mm gold connectors, so last night I mounted the ESC’s with  3.5 mm female connectors and Deans connectors for the power supply.

I realized I forgot to measure the overall height of the ESC’s. It turned out that there was a rather thick capacitor mounted at the end of the ESC, making the total height almost 10.5 mm – that certainly won’t fit in the 8 mm gap of the frame. I solved that by adding small splines of acrylic glass on top of the carbon fiber rods, making the gap 11 mm instead. Well, that was the first setback so far on this project. 😉